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Maati Handi Mutton (ମାଟି ହାଣ୍ଡି ଖାସି ମାଂସ)

Maati Handi Mutton (ମାଟି ହାଣ୍ଡି ଖାସି ମାଂସ)

Maati Handi Mutton (Odia: ମାଟି ହାଣ୍ଡି ଖାସି ମାଂସ) is a traditional method of cooking mutton curry. It was the method of cooking before the invention of the pressure cooker.

About the Recipe:

The use of a pressure cooker is avoided in this dish, and the mutton is left to simmer in an earthen pot for an extended period of time, allowing the healthiness and finer scent of the clay pot to be absorbed into the mutton.

Delicious Mati Handi Mutton (ମାଟି ହାଣ୍ଡି ଖାସି ମାଂସ)

Ingredients for Maati Handi Mutton:

  1. Mutton (Goat meat)
  2. Ginger
  3. Garlic cloves
  4. Onion (Slice it)
  5. Tej Patta (Teja Patra)
  6. Dry Chili
  7. Turmeric Powder
  8. Red Chili powder (Kasmiri Chilli)
  9. Mustard Oil (Must Use this)
  10. Potato (Optional)
  11. Salt (As per taste)

Mati Handi Mansa (Mutton) by Manas Muduli

Cooking Process:

To begin, marinate the mutton in a mixture of turmeric powder, salt, and a small amount of mustard oil. Mix everything together thoroughly and set it aside.

Place the Clay Pot (Mati Handi) on the fire. Let's start the cooking. Stir in the Tej Patta and dried red chilies after adding the mustard oil to the pot.

After that, add the chopped onion and cook until it is translucent. When the onion is golden brown, add the ginger and garlic paste and continue to sauté.

Toss in a pinch of turmeric powder and a pinch of chili powder. Let's add the marinated mutton to the saucepan and give it a good swirl. If you're adding the potato, do it now and cook for a few minutes. Season with salt to taste. Add a little water to it now and let it to boil and simmer on low heat.

It's crucial to cook it for a long period, perhaps an hour or more, depending on the quality of your mutton. Cover the pot and set it on the heat to finish cooking.

Remove the cover a few times and mix a bit in between. Add Garam Masala to the saucepan once the mutton chunks are fully cooked. If you want additional gravy, you can add extra water to it as needed. Your 'Mati Handi Mansa' is currently being prepared. It goes well with Rice, Mudhi, or Roti.

Hommade Mati Handi Mansa in Lunch

About the Author:

Odia Food Blogger Shraddha Das

Shraddha Das is an IT professional turned home chef who’s been providing tiffin services/meals for the past 10 years in nearby localities and friends/family. She has started serving bachelor, working couples in her apartment.

In the pandemic, her team served old age couples and people who were affected with COVID and stayed in isolation. Being passionate about cooking, she tried to learn at least a famous dish from each state of India. She is specialized in North Indian, East India & West Indian styles of cooking. If you're craving for typical Gujarati or Odia snack/meal then her venture Mera Wala Dhaba is ready to serve you. Visit here Instagram @aamoro_kitchen

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N.B.: Photographs are taken by Shraddha Das and Manas Muduli and published here with proper permission. If you wish to use these photographs, you have to take proper permission from the Authors.

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