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Ambula Dala or Paga (ଆମ୍ବୁଲ ଦଳା/ପାଗ)

Odia style Ambula Dala or Paga (ଆମ୍ବୁଲ ଦଳା/ପାଗ) recipe

Ambula Dala or Paga (Odia: ଆମ୍ବୁଲ ଦଳା/ପାଗ) is an aesthetically pleasing Odia delicacy that is a favorite in every Odia home. Ambula, also known as sundried mango, has a unique place in every Odia cuisine.

How to prepare Ambula?

In the Summer, the Raw mangoes are cut, marinated with rock salt, and sun-dried. This is stored for the rest of the year use.

Mangoes are one such fruit, which is loved by everyone in every form and to relish it for the whole year it is preserved and stored in form of Pickle and also Sundried for the further use in different dishes.

Odisha Style Ambula Dala by Elisi Prusty

How to prepare Ambula Paga?

This Simple Dish of Dry Mango is tangy, a little sweet, spicy, and is simply finger-licking. This is made by just soaking the mangoes in warm water for 5-10mins, mash them in the water using your hand, add little salt and sugar, green chili, crushed garlic pods, and onion. There you go, an easy delicious Pagaw is Ready to serve.

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Food blogger Sumita Singh

Sumita Singh is a food blogger, recipe developer, and YouTuber from Mayurbhanj, Odisha. She loves to prepare authentic Odia food and decorate the food plates. She is a fund of Odia cuisines and loves to promote the foods of Odisha to the rest of the world. Being a foodie, she loves to explore various food stalls also.

Follow her on Instagram @thekitchendelights.

Elsi Prusty is an Odia girl who loves the food and places of Odisha the most. You can follow her Twitter @Elsi_Prusty.

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